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I have over 20 years applied coaching experience, which is underpinned by excellent theoretical knowledge.


  • BSc in Nutritional Therapy

  • MSc in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Science

  • MSc Sports Performance (Strength & Conditioning)

  • Professional Doctorate in Elite Performance 


  • (S&C Coach) Offaly senior football team (current)

  • (S&C Coach) Clare senior hurling team (2019 – 2021)

  • (S&C Coach) Galway senior football team (2017 - 2019)

  • (S&C Coach) Westmeath senior football team (2016 - 2017)

  • (S&C Coach) Roscommon senior football team (2012 - 2016)

  • (S&C Coach) Galway inter/U21 hurling teams (2014/15)

  • (S&C Coach) Tipperary minor hurling & football teams (2011/12)

  • (S&C Intern) Connacht rugby (2010/11)

  • (Hurling Coach) Galway inter/U21 hurling teams (2014/15)

  • (Hurling Coach) National University of Ireland Galway camogie team (2009/10)

  • (Hurling Coach) Pearses camogie team (2006/07/08)

  • Under 13 city hurling development squad manager/coach (2011)

  • Under 14/15, hurling academy coach (2008/10)


Masters Degree in exercise physiology and nutrition science - physical activity levels, body composition and dietary habits of leaving cert students.

Masters Degree in sports performance - demands of elite adult inter county players using a global position system.

Professional doctorate research - profiling of eccentric hamstring strength in elite field sport players.

 Experimental investigations

  • Risk factors associated with hamstring injury in elite Gaelic football players

  • Match demands of elite Gaelic football players, elite rugby union players and the implications for eccentric hamstring strength

  • Comparing the eccentric hamstring strength of elite hurling players and camogie players

  • Profiling eccentric hamstring strength and its correlation to speed and jumping performance

  • Comparison of the effectiveness of two eccentric hamstring exercises

Work Based Investigations

  • Evaluating eccentric hamstring strength over a 12-month period

  • Monitoring the effects of a four-week eccentric hamstring strength training intervention on a Gaelic football player performing 3 training sessions per week

  • Monitoring eccentric hamstring strength between limb asymmetry following a grade 1 hamstring strain injury

  • Monitoring the isometric hamstring strength of elite Gaelic football players under fatigue

  • Comparing eccentric hamstring strength between the start of pre-season and the end of pre-season

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